Victoria Bartolotta

Class of 2021

My Bio:

Victoria went to her first Broadway show from her mom’s belly before growing up in Queens, New York where her fire for performing ignited. Victoria’s family later moved to Palm City, Florida where she attended high school and won state-wide awards for performance.

During her time at CMU, Victoria found herself drawn to filmmaking so she wrote, directed, produced and acted in her own short film, commenting on mental health awareness.

Outside of drama training at Carnegie Mellon, she enjoys running outdoors, modeling, learning about energy/art healing and yoga. Every now and again, she finds herself in her kitchen dancing to “No Scrubs” by TLC while cooking a vegan meal with her friends.

Victoria is grateful to be graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Carnegie Mellon at this point in her journey. As an artist, she finds that acting is her vessel of communication in her purpose to inspire people to be themselves- to have full & dimensional voices.