Costume Production

Students in the School of Drama Costume Production Program are the sculptors turning imagination into reality.  They are the leaders and innovators of their field who are equally adept with old-world skills as their intersection with modern technologies.  They are able to draw out and communicate collaboratively with designers to enrich both artist and artisan and provide nuance and detail.  They are imaginative problem solvers capable of rising to the challenges and demands of the industry .  School of Drama costume makers are set to make their mark in the entertainment world.

Noelle Cremer

Elyse Grimaldi

Derek St. Pierre

Production Technology

Students in the School of Drama Production Technology Program explore the technology behind live performance and engage in the design and engineering of the systems and networks utilized in production. They are uniquely positioned to enter the professional world with skills and experience in areas of emerging need as technologies are increasingly important in live production. The flexible nature of the program allows for concentrations in several different areas, as well as providing a platform for the integration of technologies used by various traditionally separate production areas.

Bridget Doherty

James Gallo

Dean Thordarson

Stage & Production Management

Students in the School of Drama Stage and Production Management Program possess an advanced understanding of all modern management processes and the technological tools available to those working behind the scenes.  They excel at communication and facilitation of every aspect of the creative process.  These collaborative artists are the team-builders, the active nurturers, imaginative problem-solvers and the trusted empaths capable of uniting and organizing the implementation of the arts.  These School of Drama stage and production managers are the catalysts of their field.

Kaylie Carpenter

Madison Gold

Elena Keogh

Keen Ma

Sidney Rubinowicz

Technical Direction

Students in the School of Drama Technical Direction Program are armed with a broad and solid foundation, grounded in the principles and specifics of craft and equipped with the skill to invent new approaches to rapidly developing entertainment applications.  They are imaginative thinkers, creative problem solvers who are as adept with cutting edge tools and creating imaginative solutions as they are at turning to time honored processes as appropriate, placing them in the forefront of the industry.  School of Drama Technical Directors are ready to be the creative innovators of the entertainment field.

Victor Gutierrez

Owen Sahnow