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Adult Things

“it’s exhausting being a Radical all the time”

Adult Things

By DJ Hills
Directed by B Kleymeyer

When the traumas of war begin to spill over the walls of a beach compound in the Hamptons, three vapid young adults, a newly drafted soldier, and a baby that happens to be a butternut squash are forced to confront the violence and terror they have been sheltered from for so long. This dark and bizarre comedy comes to CMU courtesy of MFA Director B Kleymeyer. Buckle up.



Wednesday, Mar. 1 @ 8pm
Thursday, Mar. 2 @ 8pm
Friday, Mar. 3 @ 4pm
Friday, Mar. 3 @ 8pm

*NOTE: Online ticket sales are currently down. Ticket vouchers will be available at the box office starting at noon on the day of each performance, in person or over the phone at (412) 268-2407*