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Adult Things

“it’s exhausting being a Radical all the time”

Adult Things

By DJ Hills
Directed by B Kleymeyer

When the traumas of war begin to spill over the walls of a beach compound in the Hamptons, three vapid young adults, a newly drafted soldier, and a baby that happens to be a butternut squash are forced to confront the violence and terror they have been sheltered from for so long. This dark and bizarre comedy comes to CMU courtesy of MFA Director B Kleymeyer. Buckle up.



Wednesday, Mar. 1 @ 8pm
Thursday, Mar. 2 @ 8pm
Friday, Mar. 3 @ 4pm
Friday, Mar. 3 @ 8pm

Tickets are free and available to reserve beginning at 12pm the business day before the performance. Tickets can be reserved online or over the phone (412) 268-2407.