Summer Pre-College

Here at Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College Drama, you will be introduced to the intensity of a top-rated undergraduate conservatory experience. You will prepare for the rigor of the audition and application process. You will develop a clear picture of what the future could hold.

The School of Drama’s Pre-College Program welcomes students of varying training and skill levels. However, it should not be regarded as summer camp, but rather a focused program for students interested in a career in theater. Students should arrive on campus prepared to participate in an intense, challenging, college-level experience that is modeled on the School of Drama’s BFA curriculum. The average studio class size is 10-12 students.

Pre-College Drama prepares students for the college audition and interview process, illustrating the kind of creativity and discipline required of students studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Drama curriculum. Classes are taught by nationally acclaimed Carnegie Mellon University faculty and adjunct professors.


Acting and Musical Theater:
Students focus on the audition process rather than a production, allowing students to enter the college application and audition process with a repertoire of monologues and songs, as well as the skills needed to find material appropriate for their age and type.

Design/Production Program:
Students leave with the beginning of a cohesive portfolio which they can build on for their college application process. Program introduces students to all aspects of a Design/Production path of study.


Casey Cott (BFA 2016) from CW's Riverdale

Kennedy McMann (BFA 2018) from CW's Nancy Drew

Mary Margaret Kunze (BFA 2012), Producer, Marvel Studios (Cloak and Dagger, Runways)

Kendra Chapman (BFA 2011), Writer, (Emergence, Designated Survivor)

Sample Schedule

Class offerings may change slightly before the summer.

Classes are held between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a daily lunch break. Optional courses and workshops may take place in the evenings.

Musical Theater

9 am: Acting
10:30 am: Ballet
1:30 pm: Audition
3 pm: Song Coaching

9 am: Elective
11 am: Acting for the Camera
2:30 pm: Dramaturgy
4 pm: Jazz


9 am: Audition
10:30 am: Movement
1:30 pm: Acting for the Camera
3 pm: Acting

9 am: Dramaturgy
11 am: Elective
2 pm: Shakespeare
5 pm: Voice and Speech

1:30 pm: Basic Design
3 pm: Science of Scenery

12 pm: Dramatic Literature
1:30 pm: Technical Production
3 pm: Storyology

1:30 pm: Production Management
3 pm: Applying to College

Electives: Tap Dance, Musical Theater Rep, Analyzing Text, Improv, Directing, Playwriting


Carnegie Mellon University’s Summer Drama Program is just one of ten Summer Pre-College Programs the university offers. To apply and learn more about the Summer Pre-College Programs visit the Pre-College Website.


Application deadlines: 

Early Decision & International – February 1, 2024
Regular Decision & Scholarship – March 1, 2024

Program dates:
June 22, 2024 to August 3, 2024 (6 weeks)

Program options:
residential or commuter


Full scholarships are available to students demonstrating financial need. You can elect to be considered for a scholarship within the online application.

To learn more about eligibility requirements, please visit Pre-College Financial Aid here.



Maria Stoy, Associate Director, Drama Pre-College

Valerie Haley, Program Coordinator, Drama Pre-College
412-268-3284 /

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