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Content Advisory

The School of Drama now provides content advisories for its season of plays.  If you choose to read the advisories below, please be aware that it may reveal elements of the plot prior to viewing.  While the school does not have a policy on admission for children, parents are urged to use their own discretion when considering what is appropriate.

For any questions regarding content advisories, please email Maria Stoy, Box Office Manager at


The play contains discussions of American political history, Christianity, and nationalism throughout. The text briefly alludes to domestic abuse, alcohol abuse/addiction, recreational drug use, and suicidal ideation, all through poetic, abstract language.  It also depicts sudden displays of aggression in a rehearsal room setting, brief hand-to-hand combat, and a graphic murder with blood.

Love and Information

The play is a series of short scenes, some of which depict the possibility of sexual violence and torture as well as situations regarding grief and loss.

The Adrienne Kennedy Plays

Content Advisory

The Adrienne Kennedy Plays contain discussion, description, and depiction of segregation and racial violence. Strong racial language is used, including the use of the N-word. Suicide is discussed. Medical conditions and procedures, including coma and miscarriage, are presented.

Sensory Advisory

  • Strobe Light
  • Theatrical Haze
  • Sudden Loud Noises
  • Sound of Gunshots


Content Advisory

This production contains explicit references to mental health, homophobic slurs, medical experiments, and physical abuse. As well as, depictions of classism, racism, misogyny, and physical violence. This production culminates with an act of stylized femicide.

Sensory Advisory

  • Theatrical Haze
  • Flashing Lights
  • “Blinders” (very bright lights)
  • Sudden Loud Noises

A Hit Dog Will Holler

The play refers by name to Black victims of racial violence and confederate monuments.  There is strong language and references to prescription drugs.


The play contains some crude language regarding sex, as well as drinking to the point of alcohol poisoning.

The End of the Future Is Now

The play contains dialogue and discussion of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Violence with firearms and knives and onstage death are depicted.


The play portrays drunkenness; there is strong language throughout.

Nathasha, Pierre and the Great Comet

 The play has characters alluding to depression and suicidal thoughts; one character ingests poison.  The slur “gypsy” is used multiple times, derogatorily.


The play contains strong language and particular references to suicide and depression. A relationship between two first cousins, which began when they were children, is part of the plot.

New Works and Dance/Light

Not available at this time; content descriptions will be posted in Spring 22.