Box Office

By Caryl Churchill
November 3–5, 2021

A non-narrative play featuring over 60 scenes, each with unique characters and storylines. Like flipping through channels on a television, this play offers brief glances into the mundane as characters navigate love and loss, grapple with ever-present surveillance, and come to terms with their lack of control. Churchill’s play celebrates human connection while constantly questioning what it means to have access to another person’s love and information


Directed by Rebecca Wahls

Featuring Henry Dolgoff, Tristan Hernandez, Sunday Manisto-Saari, Riley Noland, Anthony Saldaña, Cheyenne Springette

Scenic Design Maggie Quigley
Costume Design Grace Kang
Lighting Design Willem Hinternhoff
Sound Design Mirah Kozodoy
Media Design Qixin Zhang
Dramaturg Eliza Hallinan
Stage Manager Allison Gerecke


Production Manager Taylor Boston

Job Lead Ari Cobb

Properties Manager Todd R. Kulik

Properties Assistants Kristin Ward

Accessories/Crafts Celia Kasberg

Lighting Manager Alexa Janoschka

Paint Charge Beth Zamborsky

Scenic Artist Janelle Mosovsky

Media Engineer Matthias Neckermann

Sound Engineer Erik Cereghino

Assistant Director Sylvester Tortuga

Assistant Production Manager Keen Ma

Assistant Stage Manager Gabrielle Harper

Assistant Costume Designer Emily Marshburn

Assistant Lighting Designers Pablo Anton, Allison McSwain

Assistant Media Designer Kolton Cotton

Assistant Media Engineer Lenora Gant

Assistant Dramaturg Gwendolyn Kuhn

Run Crew Levi Chaplin-Loebell, Pria Dahiya, Ethan Johnson, Liberty Lapayowker, Alon Moradi, Annie Nguyen, Marco Porras