Abiola Obatolu

Class of 2023


Born and raised in Sacramento California, Biola Obatolu was brought up in a small suburb with her loving sister and parents, all of whom instilled in her the passion she has for the arts today. Growing up in a Nigerian household, Biola was always surrounded by culture, music, and history. Whether it was listening to Fela Kuti with her Dad and talking endlessly about Nigeria’s political history, or choreographing dances with her Mom for parties, Biola has always felt deeply connected to the rich art that her culture offers. Although she didn’t know it then, this deep appreciation for music and history would lead her to discover her love for theater. After years of planning to be a history major, one theatre class in her junior year would change the trajectory of her life, and set her on the path to CMU. 

While in college, Biola has had the opportunity to expand on her love and knowledge of Acting by playing loyal, optimistic, and outspoken characters like Celia in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and Gina in A Hit Dog Will Holler. Some of her favorite pieces she’s collaborated on include 124 Bluestone Road, a musical adaptation of Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” and creating “Sourflower ”a celebratory piece for CMU’s Black History Month Cabaret. 

Outside of the theatre, you can find Biola eating Thai food, journaling, or watching Game of Thrones and House of Dragon. She hopes to play characters who, against all odds, learn how to adapt and find their strength. Through her work, she hopes to inspire people to believe in their own unique power and to never neglect the quiet voice inside that urges us to follow our dreams.