Alec Ludacka

Class of 2023


Raised near Chicago as the youngest in his family, Alec’s always had a youthful, tender, and goofy nature about himself.  Although he dabbled in sports from a young age (with baseball topping the charts as his favorite), donning his Batman costume in his room, belting his heart out in the church choir, and taking the stage in community musicals cultivated his love for the arts. Grateful for the unending support from his family, he pursued acting into college at Carnegie Mellon, where he received the Helen Wayne Rauh Award for Excellence in Musical Theatre.  There, he portrayed dopey, yet motivated roles like a Player in Godspell and broken-spirited, yet passionate characters such as Rach in Preludes.

Outside of his craft, Alec loves working out, banging on the drums, demolishing in sports, chasing thrills at amusement parks, and traveling, like when he studied abroad at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama this past fall.

Alec’s time at CMU has offered him the opportunity to truly look at himself as an artist and has revealed to him how he affects hearts through the arts.  He is honored to take part in telling stories of what it means to be human: learning to understand both the flawed and beautiful parts within ourselves… while experiencing some delicious pasta and good laughs along the way.