Amanda Ju

Class of 2023


Amanda is an actor, singer, and dancer based in Los Angeles, California. She made her performing debut when she forced an entire McDonald’s to listen to an impromptu rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at the ripe age of three years old. From there, her childhood obsession with The Phantom of the Opera led her to pursue a background in classical music and develop a flair for the dramatic. Growing up training for opera at institutions like the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and NYU Steinhardt nurtured her great love for music, but also impressed upon her how much she valued acting. Eventually, she chose to study musical theatre at Carnegie Mellon University as a way to keep both close to her heart. 

Her performing experience runs the gamut from musicals, plays, operetta, and opera. At CMU, she played multiple principal tracks in Hamlet as well as the airy yet grounded “Day by Day” soloist in Godspell. She studied abroad at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where she played the elegant and powerful Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Most recently, she was nominated by the Orange County Theatre Guild Awards for Outstanding Lead Performance in a Play for her work as the soft but courageous Betty 2 in Collective Rage. She is also building her career as a voiceover artist. 

Amanda loves writing poetry, being overdressed, and spending hours on the beach. Coming from an immigrant family, she is deeply passionate about representation, and, above all, her dream is to make the stories she tells accessible to as many people as possible. 

Showcase Film Work

Amanda Ju – "The Story Goes On" from Baby by David Shire and Richard Maltby Jr.

Amanda Ju and Brayden Co – "Your Honor," by Peter Moffat

Classroom Film Work

Amanda Ju and Olivia de Waart

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Additional Editors: Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli, Bahaar Esfahani

Camera Operators: Chris Jovanelli, Randy Kovitz. Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry

Sound Recording: Bahaar Esfahini, Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli

Music Director/Playback Operator: Rick Edinger

Post Production Sound Mixer (songs): Dino DiStefano

Production P.A./Slate: Isabella Campos