Ana Belen Cobos

Costume Production
Class of 2022



Ana Belen Cobos is a determined, hardworking, creative maker who brings a positive energy into a room. As the oldest sibling and first-generation Bolivian American, she is both spunky and humble. Her empathetic character invites those around her to trust in her as a peer and leader.

She previously graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Theatre Production. It was at Texas State she was introduced to the world of costume making. Since then she has been eager to continue expanding her knowledge and craft which drew her to the MFA Costume Production program at Carnegie Mellon University. Her strengths are in pattern making, tailoring, draping, textile manipulation, and sculptural crafts. Through the growth of these skills and support from mentors she has come to work professionally at The Santa Fe Opera, ZACH Theatre (Austin, TX), the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, and Opera Saratoga. Her aspirations range as her interests do but some of her career goals include one day working as a tailor/draper at The Santa Fe Opera, on a prominent film production and abroad.