Anna Toutain

Class of 2023


Anna Toutain’s dramaturgical work centers narrative development, blending her theatrical and cinematic skills to focus on the script and production departments. Driven by her passion for film, television, and theatre, Anna has spent her time immersing herself in the Pittsburgh entertainment industry and beyond. She is greatly influenced by the power storytelling possesses in both historical and modern contexts, across mediums.

Anna was drawn to dramaturgy because of the range of skills the practice offers, including history, facilitation, text analysis, and story development. In her past four years in college she has honed her skills in new work processes and collaboration across departments, culminating into an interest in film and television. Anna is excited by the intersection of artistic mediums, especially in shaping and promoting nonfiction narratives. 

Anna has worked with nonprofit organizations in the past, exercising her creative skills by crafting videos and presentations to designing marketing campaigns and reading script submissions. Anna is working with the Pittsburgh Film Office in the Spring as a marketing and communications intern, along with completing her BFA in Dramaturgy and minors in English and film. After graduating, she aims to build her career in content development and production.