Annalisa D’Aguilar

Class of 2024


A born and raised Brooklynite, Annalisa saw her first Broadway show at age 6 and the high that experience gave her has still not worn off. Homeschooled through middle school, it was clear that when it was time to reenter the traditional school system she would not survive in a school without a creative outlet. She was accepted into the Drama program at LaGuardia High School. The invaluable lessons learned at the dubbed Fame School and her love of the arts cemented her desire to keep learning. She was delighted to be accepted to Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama Class of 2024, which led her to study Musical Theater at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Wales, for a term.

During her years at CMU, she wrote three plays, a book of poetry and her love for art grew deeper, wider and more specific. She played the ferocious, kind and hilarious Ashlee in Dance Nation, the heartbroken and powerful Othello, and the thoughtful and giving B in Passage. These characters spoke to her, as they reflect the world around us. Complex, strange, hard, and magical.

Annalisa finds herself enjoying a plethora of hobbies which include, but are most certainly not limited to boxing, bouldering, drinking tea, eating mangoes, enjoying punk music and being silly. As a First Generation American she carries her Caribbean heritage with pride. She aspires to represent the voices that have yet to be heard.

Production Photos

Film Work

Annalisa D'Aguilar – "The Jungle" by Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson

Annalisa D'Aguilar & Alex Sheffield – "Ayo and Rachel Are Single" by Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott

Annalisa D'Aguilar & Susana Cordón – "Juno" by Diablo Cody

Annalisa D'Aguilar – "The Colored Museum" by George C. Wolfe

Annalisa D'Aguilar Reel

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