Annika Evens

Stage and Production Manager
Class of 2022



Annika Evens is a stage manager originally from Seattle, Washington. Her theatrical education began with creative drama classes as soon as she could walk, and at the age of thirteen she fell in love with the problem-solving, collaborative world of stage management. Nine years later, she is now in her final year studying stage and production management at Carnegie Mellon University where she has had the opportunity to work on the stage management team of five various productions, and the production management team of two.

With a background in children’s educational theatre, and a dedication to cultural access for all, Annika is passionate about creating accessible and diverse works and fostering rooms where everyone feels welcome and supported. She has recently found a passion for Theatrical Intimacy Education’s consent-based practices and strives to take those into every room she is in. Her loyalty and passion shine through in any project she works on, and is always excited to learn something new and work with new people.