Antione Gray Jr.

Class of 2024


I’m Antione, I hail from Boston Massachusetts, right in the heart of Dorchester. I have a family FULL of performers; My mom is a singer performer, her dad sang and produced music, my cousins, uncle…I mean it really is everyone. For a long time I knew I had these talents but didn’t comprehend what a career for it would be, in fact I kept going through life wanting to do something in math or medicine. Finally, I got cast in Legally Blonde as professor Callahan (before I was a baritone haha) and as I got cast in more roles, it became clear how a story can really affect others. I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The perfect balance of working and growing to be better with care and changing people’s lives. 

At CMU, I’ve loved being able to solidify what it means to have range, every time I picked my own acting scene or project I always asked “where can I stretch to next”.  That led to realizing my feminine is natural and instinctual with Portia in  Julius Caesar and the contrast of challenging my masculinity and knowing how to convert a character into my specific identity as Floyd in Seven Guitars and everything in between, leading me to achieve my goal in being truly versatile by my own definition.

Connecting with people is what I live for, being able to  further my reach to my network is an everyday goal I often find myself exceeding. It is my greatest joy and strength in life to experience other lives, and more specifically, to be able to encourage the  lives of youth. The youth of the future will always be my top priority.

Film Work

Antione Gray Jr. – "Choir Boy" by Tarell Alvin McCraney

Antione Gray Jr. – "Not the Only One" by Sam Smith

Antione Gray Jr. & Joshua Elijah Lewis – "$2DrinkSunday" by Joshua Elijah Lewis

Antione Gray Jr. & Joshua Elijah Lewis – "Malcom & Marie" by Sam Levinson

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Onsite Coordinator / Camera Dep: Aimee Thomas

Production Designer / HMU (Hair and Makeup): Olivia Curry

Audio Dept / Grip / PA: Andrew Lee

Production Coordinator / Grip / PA: Katie Kirk

Grip / Electric / PA / Slate / Script Supervision: Travis Roy Rogers, Lukas Jarvi