Ayana Cymone

Class of 2022


From attending her first dance class in her mother’s belly to listening to music in the womb, Ayana Cymone has always had a special place in her heart for music and the performing arts. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Ayana’s first show was Anansi and the Spider at the age of five. She began so young because she was timid as a kid, and her mom needed a way to break her out of her shell. Little did she know she’d end up here. Participating in many hobbies throughout her life, such as Soccer, Gymnastics, Tennis, Piano, and Guitar, Ayana always found herself back in the theatre. Ayana still picks up the guitar now and then and enjoys reading, taking walks, and spending time with the people she loves most. Being blessed with the opportunity to attend Carnegie Mellon University, Ayana has found a true passion for storytelling and creating. She participated in the School of Drama Black History Cabaret, performing a ballad version of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. And she was able to create her own African dance piece entitled Ayo Dudu, which translates to black joy in Yoruba as a part of the School of Drama’s Playground festival. She has also had the opportunity to help create the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama’s Diversity Ambassador position and has been in that position for two years. She has been able to work with prospective students and, more specifically, POC prospective students. She cares deeply about amplifying Black voices and representing little dark skin black girls around the world.


“Atlanta” by Stefani Robinson
Van —Ayana Cymone, Earn — Laughton Royce

Ayana Cymone – “The Light” by Loy A Webb


Ayana Cymone and Emily S. Chang
From "Someone Great" By Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Ayana Cymone and Anthony Saldaña
From "Sports Night" created by Aaron Sorkin