Brayden Co

Class of 2023


Brayden Co (they/he) was raised to love all kinds of art while living in the East Bay of California. As a young musician, they began learning that music was their gateway to feeling present and at home. Every slow, uninspired moment of practice on the piano, clarinet, or drums paved the way for an eventual performance. However, it was the discovery of theater and acting which prompted all that artistic training to galvanize. 

At Carnegie Mellon University, Brayden was fortunate to perform in imaginative productions such as Hamlet and Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812, inspiring him to train his body and mind to continuously learn how to express elaborate ideas. Thanks to that specific concentration, he found a love for physical theater, opting to spend a semester expanding their artistic mind at the Accademia dell’Arte. There, they began honing in on grounded, strong, yet free movement and built with their ensemble Kabaret Purgatorio, a devised piece that used masks to create a hellish moment in time.

Being of Chinese heritage and the child of two immigrants, he aspires to participate in projects, elevating the voices of AAPI artists. In their free time, they also love to practice guitar, play story-driven video games, and cook fried rice for their friends to make that joyful space only a full stomach can accomplish.