Briana Green

Entertainment Manager
Class of 2022



Briana Green is currently exploring management in the entertainment industry, with an interest in film and television. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, she has explored many different fields within the arts. Since her freshman year of high school, she has worked as a manager in theatre, ballet, opera, and events. 

Her management interests are supported by her passion and involvement in diversity, equity, and inclusion work. She has represented the undergraduate School of Drama Design & Production major for two DE&I committees at Carnegie Mellon. From January to May 2021, she interned for the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival. During the virtual season, “Faces of Home”, she assisted with festival promotion and co-managed social media platforms. She also aided in the arrangement of the festival’s annual Short Film Competition. Immediately after the festival, she accepted a full-time position as an Office Production Assistant for the new Amazon Prime Series, A League of Their Own, produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. For the first semester of her senior year, she attended classes while continuing to work on the series part-time. 

In her free time, Briana enjoys hiking, cooking, and going to a lot of concerts. After graduation, she plans to continue working in film, with the current goal of becoming a Unit Production Manager.