Chloe Kaitlyn Brown

Class of 2023


Chloe Kaitlyn Brown came into this world filling her home, and more importantly, her mom’s 2001 Toyota with the cacophony of Prince, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder. After a happenstance production of “The Wiz” put on by her YMCA after school program, likely to funnel all her energy and chattiness to productivity, Chloe knew she was put on this earth to make theater. Whether she was learning to sing in her church’s gospel choir or honing her skills in professional theater at the Ensemble Theatre’s young performers program in her beloved hometown of Houston, Texas, there wasn’t an opportunity she didn’t seize to understand the craft. She pursued this calling as a theater major at the rigorous High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where she began to find her voice in magical and radical plays such as Jose Rivera’s “Marisol” and George C. Wolfe’s “The Colored Museum.” Additionally, Chloe was challenged to branch out into extracurriculars like speech and debate, writing for the school newspaper, and a new club called playwrights 360; this taught her that she could hone those multi-disciplinary skills to enrich her art which led her to Carnegie Mellon University where she majored in musical theater.

At CMU, Chloe learned how to collaborate in addition to performing. Aside from originating the headstrong and quick-witted Hetty in the new folk musical “This Old Haunt” and playing the overachieving and radical Raylynn in “Blood at the Root” by Dominique Morriseau, Chloe used her writing, directing, and newfound producing skills to establish the annual Black History Cabaret at CMU, bringing together black artists at CMU across all majors and classes, as well as writing about the multiplicities of black identity in her choreopoem and directorial debut Black Renaissance through CMU’s annual playground festival. Whether it’s through musical theater, plays, film and television, performing, writing, or directing, Chloe is passionate about telling stories that allow black women to be seen, understood, and celebrated in all of their humanity. When not creating theater, Chloe spends her time cooking her favorite Cajun recipes, taking bubble baths, falling asleep to ASMR, and gallivanting the streets of Pittsburgh with her friends. 

Showcase Film Work

Chloe Kaitlyn Brown – "Is This Not Love" by Shaina Taub

Chloe Kaitlyn Brown and Betsy Scott – "Someone Great" by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Classroom Film Work

Chloe Kaitlyn Brown and Steven Taylor Jr.

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Additional Editors: Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli, Bahaar Esfahani

Camera Operators: Chris Jovanelli, Randy Kovitz. Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry

Sound Recording: Bahaar Esfahini, Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli

Music Director/Playback Operator: Rick Edinger

Post Production Sound Mixer (songs): Dino DiStefano

Production P.A./Slate: Isabella Campos