Christian Engelhardt

Class of 2024


Christian Engelhardt is an artist from Grayslake, Illinois, a cozy town midway between Milwaukee and Chicago. Born into a musical family, Christian powerfully connected with singing early in life, leading an operetta with a full orchestra by age 8. Subsequently jumping at any musical theater opportunity available, he later attended the Chicago Academy for the Arts, further deepening his artistry. 

This led him to Carnegie Mellon, where Christian discovered a rich devotion to acting. His dedication paid dividends in the play Babel, where Christian embodied the compassionate, layered, and well-intentioned Jamie while playing with the stark contrast of the hysterical, shrill, and off-putting Stork. He truly found himself during a semester in Berlin, exploring profound movement and devising work. 

When he’s not perfecting his craft, Christian is often vibrantly cheering on Wisconsin sports teams and loves finding parallels between sports and art. He also writes and directs. Cherishing his experience writing and directing a musical with his partner in Carnegie’s Playground festival, he aspires to write and direct as much as possible. On his artistic path, Christian welcomes any challenges that are thrown his way, and, with an open heart, can’t wait to embrace the opportunities to come.

Production Photos

Film Work

Christian Engeldhardt – "She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel

Christian Engelhardt & Kyra Klonoski – "Jack and Jill" by Jane Martin

Christian Engelhardt & Savannah Lee Birdsong - "Good Will Hunting" by Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Onsite Coordinator / Camera Dep: Aimee Thomas

Production Designer / HMU (Hair and Makeup): Olivia Curry

Audio Dept / Grip / PA: Andrew Lee

Production Coordinator / Grip / PA: Katie Kirk

Grip / Electric / PA / Slate / Script Supervision: Travis Roy Rogers, Lukas Jarvi