Claire Shea Duncan

Costume Designer
Class of 2023


Claire Shea Duncan (she/her) is an interdisciplinary designer and creative from Granville, Ohio. She aims to collaborate with a guiding framework of cultural humility and empathy. She has a strong interest in the intersection of art, linguistics, and education and she believes the convergence of these concepts is storytelling. 

While pursuing her BFA in Costume Design at Carnegie Mellon University, Claire has gained valuable experience designing costumes for theatre from conceptualization to execution. She has refined her personal artistic process as well as her technical ability in costume construction and material manipulation. Claire also found a love for language and spent the summer of 2021 in Paris, France researching the many ways in which a cultural context impacts the process by which one creates art. She declared an additional major in French and Francophone studies in order to foster this interdisciplinary education and hopes to continue to develop these connections in both her personal and professional life. These multicultural experiences inform her creative practice of utilizing garments to diegetically empower narrative. 

Claire is excited to continue to learn about the world through art and travel as she explores a multidisciplinary career of costume design and linguistic and cultural research.