Drew Bos

Class of 2023


If you asked him what his first performance was, Drew would say it was when he begged his parents at five years old to let him sing the ABC’s in front of everyone at his older sister’s elementary school talent show, completely upstaging her (technically true). But growing up a shy and sensitive kid amongst the cornfields of rural southeast Michigan, Drew was always playing pretend by himself in his room or his basement. When he found out play pretend was something people could do professionally, he was floored.

Drew is grateful to have spent the past several years studying the craft of acting at Carnegie Mellon. He has studied and performed in a wide variety of roles at school and professionally, such as the doe-eyed, naive Wes in Reverberation by Matthew Lopez, and the pragmatic M in Lungs by Duncan Macmillan. He was also awarded the Thomas Auclair Award for Acting his Sophomore year. More recently, Drew was invited to study at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney for the first half of his senior year, and he very much enjoyed living in and exploring Australia. In his free time, Drew loves taking photos with his 35mm point-and-shoot, watching films (his favorite being In the Mood for Love), and staying physically fit.

Losing his mom to breast cancer at age sixteen taught Drew that life can be altogether too short, and that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Drew believes that engaging with the arts helps us make beautiful meaning out of a world that can feel ugly and meaningless, and yearns to make art which changes people. He hopes to make his mom, his family, and his five year old self singing those ABC’s very proud, very soon.

Showcase Film Work

Drew Bos – "Reverberation" by Matthew Lopez

Drew Bos and Julio Cesar Gutierrez – "New Girl" by Elizabeth Meriwether

Classroom Film Work

Drew Bos and Tessa Weinland

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Additional Editors: Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli, Bahaar Esfahani

Camera Operators: Chris Jovanelli, Randy Kovitz. Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry

Sound Recording: Bahaar Esfahini, Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli

Music Director/Playback Operator: Rick Edinger

Post Production Sound Mixer (songs): Dino DiStefano

Production P.A./Slate: Isabella Campos