Ella I. Rosenblum

Stage and Production Management
Class of 2021

My Bio:

Hello! I’m Ella (she/her) and I’m from New York City. At Carnegie Mellon University, I’ve learned that it takes focus, positivity, and creativity to execute a project. As I production manage two remote shows that are scheduled to be showcased in the Spring of 2021, I’m focused on clear communication and collaboration. Remote productions have taught me about being flexible with scheduling deliverables and tracking budgets, while making sure I’m prepared for the worst. As a Supervisor for the Academic Coaching program, I’ve been able to delegate, articulate, and inspire as I’ve created a hiring process for new Academic Coaches, standardized the program’s communication with different colleges, and provided leadership to peers. Outside of university, I’m currently producing a podcast called the curious and the satisfied, which is about asking people the question ‘what makes you uncomfortable?’. I’m also producing and assisting in the development of two new musicals. I believe that my undergraduate education in Stage & Production Management has given me a strong foundation to explore producing and managing any artistic endeavor I wish to pursue.