Gerardo Navarro

Class of 2023


Gerardo Navarro is a proud Chicano, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In a small and crowded living room in South Central LA, over delicious homemade dishes, bolts of joy, and endless laughter, his love and appreciation for sharing stories began.

In elementary school, through the lens of his bright blue iPod touch, he was filming his very own series starring himself and his brothers as they fought against the alien apocalypse and evil twins. Since then, his love for creating and sharing stories only grew and he wasn’t going to wait on an opportunity to tell them.

It has been fulfilling for him to play roles such as the high-strung but loving Woyzeck in Carnegie Mellon’s production of the same name, as well as the lost yet passionate role of Miguel, which he originated, in the debut of “The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano” at the New Hazlett Theatre. Both roles in which he felt challenged the common narratives of masculinity and latinidad while allowing him to reflect, comment, and uplift the voices he felt needed to be heard.

If you find him now, he’s likely capturing his life on film and photos, working on a script, or dancing to whatever song is playing… he’s always dancing!

He couldn’t stand (or dance) before you now without the support and endless love of his incredible family. His culture and ancestors have shaped who he is today and he aspires to honor them with every role he steps into, every shot he captures, every project he directs, and every breath that he takes.

Gerardo Navarro – "The Shadows of ‘92" by Gerardo Navarro

Gerardo Navarro and Sophia Power – "Normal People" by Sally Roooney and Alice Birch

Gerardo Navarro and Isabella Campos – "Inside Llewyn Davis" by Ethan and Joel Cohen

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