Jack Cherry

Class of 2023


Born and raised off the Chesapeake in the small port-city of Williamsburg, VA, Jack Cherry had always been obsessed with stories… “a dork,” as he’d simply put it. If he wasn’t at school, he’d be in a tree reading anything from Dickens to Marvel comics, on his grandfather’s fishing boat, or living at the local movie theater. Such love for storytelling earnestly drove Jack to perform, sing, study, write, and hustle all the way out of Williamsburg and to the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

As an acting major, he’s had the pleasure of exploring a variety of roles such as the sweet, but tragic “Pasha” in the Russian drama, Cinzano, and the sinister, but well-developed “Oliver” in Shakespeare’s, As You Like It. His additional passion for writing, directing, and producing led him to get his minor in Film Studies at the CMU Dietrich School. Here he’s helped extensively with production on multiple student shorts, analyzed the in-depth history and process of filmmaking, and built his own portfolio as a screenwriter and rookie filmmaker. 

These days, if Jack isn’t in school he’d be out hiking, reading about current international politics at a coffee shop, or enjoying a game at the nearest baseball stadium. Jack’s always been an ambitious, driven hustler trying to lead from a kind, optimistic, and creative heart. His time at CMU has only emphasized this. He will continue to pursue his goal of not only becoming a well-working actor, but a prominent “jack of all trades” in the Film/TV industry. With more time acting and creating, Jack even hopes to eventually open his own production company one day, to invest in equitable opportunity for the future voices of ambitious, youthful, and diverse “rookie” storytellers.