Jade Lourdes Langan

Class of 2023


Being born into a blue collar family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jade consistently left her parents perplexed. She had always been a contrarian, and her love for the arts was proof of that. She stepped on stage for the first time at thirteen years old to perform Juliet’s balcony monologue, and she knew there was no looking back. 

During CMU Drama’s 2021-22 season, Jade played the passionate, perseverant Dru in A Hit Dog Will Holler. In her first equity show this past summer, she portrayed the confident, free-spirited Marian in Robin Hood. This past fall, Jade attended London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She hopes to one day return to the UK and perform on London’s stages.

Jade loves being outdoors and feeling the sun on her skin. She is most at peace when she is swimming in open waters and laying in the sand, so she hopes that the future is filled with more time in coastal cities. In her free time, she loves dancing literally any and everywhere, watching rom coms, and above all, laughing.