Joshua Elijah Lewis

Class of 2024


Joshua Elijah Lewis, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia is no stranger to various art forms. Growing up as a first generation American, in a household with two Trinidadian parents, there was never a dull moment. Music that was heard around the house could stem anywhere from the rhythms of African drum beats, to the beautiful sounds of the steel pan being played by his older brother. Burned CDs of reggae, soca tracks, R&B and hip-hop were played on repeat as his parents danced and danced some more. 

The rich culture surrounding him shaped his specific artistic lens. From creating a dance performance album entitled “He’s On His Way,” to his current conceptualization of a Neo-Soul Musical (working title) “$2DrinkSunday,” Joshua, from day one has been a creator. The passion to not only be in spaces to create opportunities for black and brown folk, but to also further the continuation of breaking down doors has been at the forefront of why Joshua continues to do theater. 

With empathy, compassionate, wit, flirtation, a bit of slapstick, and a sharp sense of comedic timing, Joshua has been able to bring Sebastian in Twelfth Night, Ogun in In the Red and Brown Water, and Todwhatshisname in Your Boyfriend May Be Imaginary, (to name a few) all to life. Other significant shows he’s been a part of are Young Arts’ 2020 Showcase and Dr. Rank in Carnegie Mellon’s production of a A Doll’s House. Alongside his acting career he plans to be a choreographer as well. He might’ve picked up a step or two from his parents way back in the day.

Production Photos

Film Work

Joshua Elijah Lewis – "Two Trains Running" by August Wilson

Joshua Elijah Lewis – "I Believe in You and Me" by Sandy Linzer and David Wolfert

Joshua Elijah Lewis & Antione Gray Jr. – "$2DrinkSunday" by Joshua Elijah Lewis

Joshua Elijah Lewis & Antione Gray Jr. – "Malcolm & Marie" by Sam Levinson

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Onsite Coordinator / Camera Dep: Aimee Thomas

Production Designer / HMU (Hair and Makeup): Olivia Curry

Audio Dept / Grip / PA: Andrew Lee

Production Coordinator / Grip / PA: Katie Kirk

Grip / Electric / PA / Slate / Script Supervision: Travis Roy Rogers, Lukas Jarvi