Julia Levine

Class of 2023


Julia Levine is a dramaturg, director, and arts administrator from Connecticut with an interest in theatre, film, TV, and musical theatre. Julia began her theatre career as a musical theatre major at Connecticut’s Regional Center for the Arts, before realizing her encyclopedic knowledge of musical theatre facts and curiosity around what makes musicals so powerful was actually a passion for dramaturgy in disguise. Now, after completing a dramaturgy major, a film minor, and her first year of a Masters of Arts Management, she thrives in multi-hyphenate, ambitious, and collaborative artistic spaces.

As a dramaturg, Julia is passionate about the different mediums through which we communicate emotions and ideas, translating through music, dance, visuals, and other tools. She most recently was the Dramaturg for CMU’s Constellations and Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, and interned with City Theatre in Pittsburgh. She also frequently develops and edits new plays and musicals, and hopes to continue bringing scripts to their full potential.

As an administrator, Julia hopes to lead theatrical productions and programs that center education, accessibility, and community. She also centers DEI practices in all of her administrative work and experience. She was previously President and Head of Programs for the New Paradigm Theatre Youth Board, and is currently the Artistic Director of Scotch’n’Soda Theatre. She also uses her values of unique creative interpretation and educationally-centered spaces as a director, having directed for CMU’s Playground Festival and Little Shop of Horrors (S’n’S Theatre), as well as assistant directed Carrie (Broadway Method Academy), Mamma Mia and Beauty and the Beast (Trumbull Youth Association). Additional experience includes directing for film, dramaturging screenplays, and choreographing.