Julianna Austin

Class of 2023


A proud queer and Filipina-American artist, Julianna Austin is a born and raised native of New York’s Hudson Valley. Born to an actress and a musician, Julianna spent much of her childhood wandering around the backstage of theaters and concert halls during her parents’ rehearsals: the arts was in her blood from the very start. After stepping back from child acting in NYC, Julianna’s love of performing matured into a deeper appreciation for the craft of theatre and acting, and a desire to sink their teeth into the human condition through their art. 

In her time at Carnegie Mellon, Julianna has been fortunate to explore their identity through a vast variety of roles, from the highly physical young fencer Mary Wallace in Athena, to the tragic dynamism of both Ophelia and Hamlet. In the summer of 2022 she was honored as SheNYC’s Best Actor for her role as Marion in the new play One Day Down. Most recently, Julianna spent the fall in Tuscany, where they were invited to study at the Accademia Dell’Arte in Arezzo to broaden their artistry into the realms of physical and experimental theatre. 

Above all, Julianna is a collaborator, a storyteller, and a physical artist. Her true passion is to build stories – grounded in reality or fantastical to high heaven – with a team of other innovators. Aside from acting, she is a pole aerialist and a theatrical fight director, using the body to to play, to fight, and to explore.