Katie Mae Ryan

Class of 2023



Katie Mae Ryan is a graduating senior from Carnegie Mellon excited to get out in the real world after an enriching four years. Starting theatre school with a love for script interpretation, Katie Mae quickly discovered a love for comedy and new play development and helping classmates with their work. Katie Mae’s senior dramaturgy project is helping a graduate playwright write her thesis project and serving as a dramaturg on its first staging. For their junior year dramaturgy project, Katie Mae was the primary author of an adaptation of three speculative fiction short stories.

Katie Mae Ryan also found a love for directing his sophomore year (a huge year of discovery for Katie Mae). After directing a radio play for CMU Drama’s playground and a virtual play in a 24 hour playfest for the student theatre organization, Katie Mae jumped at the chance of directing in person and directed multiple comedy sketches his junior year, including some sketches where he choreographed dance numbers. With a love for film cultivated by his minor as well as a directing for film class, Katie Mae is also eager and passionate about film directing.

In a playwriting class sophomore year, Katie Mae wrote a ten minute comedy play and hasn’t been able to stop writing comedy since. They joined the sketch comedy group on campus late their sophomore year, and made it onto a troupe first semester junior year that works closely together to create high-level sketch comedy shows each semester. Katie Mae also wrote a screenplay with a classmate that they have plans to direct in January of 2023.