Keen Ma

Stage & Production Manager
Class of 2023


Keen is a manager and artist seeking experiences in a wide array of career paths with a background in theatrical management and fine arts. They will be graduating with a BFA in Drama and a minor in Film & Visual Media Studies from Carnegie Mellon University.

Keen, raised in both Taipei, Taiwan and the San Francisco Bay Area, grew up in a deeply cross-cultural and multilingual environment. They are profoundly devoted to self improvement through service and creation, nurturing meaningful connection to one’s identity, and cultivating relationships that endure beyond the bounds of career.

In addition to working professionally with multiple theaters, including Music Theatre Wichita and TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, Keen has also worked in corporate offices as a graphic designer and translator, as well as freelancing as an artist/designer. In their free time, Keen pursues personal projects in fine arts, graphic design, and creative writing. They are a big fan of (cryptic) crosswords, languages, and fine-tuning their taste in fashion and fragrances.