Kelsey Garrett

Scenic Designer
Class of 2021

My Bio:

Kelsey Garrett is a scenic designer and artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Working in theatre, opera, and film, her work emphasizes narrative storytelling and detail-driven environments. She is passionate about sustainability and brings an environmental-consciousness to her practice.

Originally from Oregon, she graduated with a BA in Fine Art from a small liberal arts college. From there she spent time teaching abroad in France before returning to work as a scenic artist. She alternated between both coasts, painting for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland Play House, and Cobalt Studios, while also freelancing as a designer. She then resumed her education and pursued an MFA in Scenic Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

While at Carnegie Mellon, she also works locally, designing for Quantum Theatre and painting at the Pittsburgh Opera, in addition to spending time in New York as an assistant designer. She is currently focused on applying this breadth of skills to a career in production design.