Kiara Lee

Class of 2024

Kiara is a proud Atlanta, GA native, and grew up there her whole life. Her love of performing came from reenacting scenes and songs from “High School Musical” with her siblings, and at 8 years old, she got so inspired by the movie and finally decided to try her hand at dance classes. It came as no surprise to anyone in her family when she fell in love with dancing, and it then catapulted her into starting Musical Theatre in highschool. That passion led to numerous singing and acting classes which culminated in the desire to study Musical Theatre in college, which led to CMU — the perfect school to dive deeper in her acting.

Kiara’s experience at CMU has been an absolute whirlwind, playing roles such as “Clytemnestra” from Sophocles Electra, “Juliet” from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; but it has been the comedic roles such as, “Logainne Schwarzandgrubeinere” in  Spelling Bee and “The Guard” in Antigone where she has found her strong sense of comedy as an actor. Kiara has always been able to connect with deep and dramatic roles and characters, but finding her talent for making others laugh both as an actress and in her personal life is something she has enjoyed and will always be eternally grateful to CMU for helping her find.

Kiara has also had the opportunity to thrive in professional equity theatres all throughout her college years in roles such as, “Anna Maria” in Godspell, “Chava” in Fiddler on the Roof, “Michelle” in Sister Act, and “Miss Watkins/Caroler” in Christmas Carol all at the Pittsburgh CLO. Other favorite roles of hers include, “Leisl” in Sound of Music at Virginia Arts Festival, Ensemble and U/S Sir Sagramore in Camelot at the Muny, and most recently, she has been cast in the role of “Jennifer” on the first Broadway Tour of Back to the Future.

While Kiara loves Theatre and performing, her other passions include teaching various dance styles to kids of all ages and choreographing dance, as well as painting, cooking, and creating content on social media. She also loves to spend time with her friends and family, and is very involved with her community Unitarian church here in Pittsburgh, singing solos every Sunday in their choir. She one day hopes to become involved in influencing through social media, starting a podcast, and motivational speaking.

Production Photos

Film Work

Kiara Lee – "White Lotus" by Mike White

Kiara Lee – "Magic in the Man" by Andrew Lippa

Kiara Lee & Noah Pacht – "Superstore" by Justin Spitzer

Kiara Lee & Kyra Klonoski – "Sex Lives of College Girls" by Mindy Kaling & Justin Noble

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