Laughton Royce

Class of 2022


Laughton is a creator and lover of many things. Growing up in Southwest Atlanta, the culture of art, comedy, and television was always a major part in his life. Laughton was involved in many sports growing up: swimming, playing basketball, soccer, baseball, and gymnastics but music was where he found passion. The music and culture being so rich, it taught him to appreciate the sounds of the world. An audio and visual learner, music was his first love. Theatre came to him at age 13. The first stage he performed on brought a greater understanding of what he wanted to do: To tell stories and connect with people through communication, art, and music.

This passion for telling stories took flight when he attended Tri-Cities High School and began to practice devised theatre and found a dedication to training and craft. In 2018, he played Pippin in a production of PIPPIN for which he won a Shuler Hensley Award and was also nominated for a Jimmy Award.

Outside of acting and music, Laughton loves to go to the gym, go through catalogs of old music, and take and develop pictures, and spend time with his family and friends.

As a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon, he plans to use the voice, acting and movement training he has to expand the canon of art and provoke action through creating plays, music, and media.

You can find me on all streaming platforms under Laughton Royce. Thanks for the support!


“Atlanta” by Stefani Robinson
Van —Ayana Cymone, Earn — Laughton Royce

Laughton Royce – “That’s My Dream” music by Henry Krieger, lyrics by Tom Eyen


Riley Noland and Laughton Royce
From "Her" by Spike Jonze