Lukas Jarvi

Class of 2024


Lukas Jarvi was born in West Palm Beach Florida, and raised in New York City. At age 6 in his elementary school production of Hansel and Gretel, he originated the role of “Tree,” giving the crucial message of the dangers of the witch’s house. Unfortunately, Hansel and Gretel did not listen to him, but his passion for acting began in this play. This drive and hunger for acting and the arts would eventually lead him to Carnegie Mellon School of Drama 

During his time at Carnegie, Lukas has dived into many roles such as the eccentric off-beat “Paul Paul” in Your Boyfriend May be Imaginary to the wounded, stoic “Logan” in Orion and The Goatman. His love for filmmaking and camera acting led to him being involved in two short films, JCC and Inner City Cryptid. He played the pompous, humorless documentarian in Inner City Cryptid and the lovable dork, “Aaron” in JCC. One of his favorite collaborations was dancing in the annual dancelight concert where he explored themes of heritage, identity, and culture. 

Outside of performing, Lukas is an avid tennis fan. If not working on an acting scene or project, you can find him in the back of the room watching youTube videos of classic Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer matches. His other hobbies include hiking, meditation, and binge watching movies. One of his lifelong dreams is to be in thought provoking films and to work with two of his directing idols, Luca Guadagnino and Sean Baker.

Production Photos

Film Work

Lukas Jarvi – "Farragut North" by Beau Willimon

Lukas Jarvi – "I'll Jump" by Scott Burkell & Paul Loesel

Lukas Jarvi & Mariana Garzón Toro – "How to be Single" by Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein & Dana Fox

Lukas Jarvi & Sophia Gray – "How to be Single" by Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein & Dana Fox

Lukas Jarvi Reel

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