Major Curda

Class of 2021


Major Curda fell in love with telling stories at a very young age after seeing how much fun their two older sisters had performing in musicals and being part of a cast. It wasn’t long after they followed their older sisters into theatre that their two younger sisters started performing as well. Their scholarly mother and military father were surprised to say the least, but outrageously supportive; they never could’ve predicted then that their kids’ passion for performing and storytelling would bounce them between Chicago, NYC, and LA, along with plenty of other side quests. It’s been well over a decade since Major was first inspired by his sisters to start performing but something that’s never changed since then is that sharing fun and joy is why they do what they do.

Major is a collaborative storyteller. Storytellers have a profound responsibility to use their power to uncover the darkest and brightest truths in our collective consciousness, and collaboration can always achieve something greater than what can be achieved alone. Major relentlessly looks for new ways to be a part of the storytelling process, believing few things are more exciting than pushing yourself out of your comfort zone (and sometimes failing gloriously!). But whether they’re collaborating as a performer, a producer, a poet, a director, a writer, a choreographer, a musician, a designer, or a teacher, Major does what they do as a human being first.