Meghan McLeod

Class of 2022


Born and raised in Potomac Maryland, Meghan McLeod has always been a vivacious child. In attempts to quench her endless energy her parents exposed her to many different activities from basketball and soccer to singing and dance lessons. While always having a connection to music, it wasn’t until she was eight and trying her hand at her first production where she discovered her passion for becoming other people.

Whether it be on stage or film, Meghan has continued to strengthen her craft, further who she is as an artist, as well as developing her love of exploring many different types of characters. She found a particular interest in Accents/Dialects, and continued this training abroad at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. While at Carnegie Mellon, she was awarded the John Arthur Kennedy Award for Excellence in Acting and is extremely thankful for all of her teachers and classmates who have supported and inspired her these past four years.

Meghan enjoys being physically active and playing with her black lab, reading while listening to Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and annoying her mom with hugs. Always one for adventure, she looks forward to whatever the future may hold.


“The F Word,” by Elan Mastai Chantry
Chantry - Meghan McLeod, Wallace — Chattan Johnson

Meghan McLeod - “You Don’t Know Me” by Cindy Walker


Meghan McLeod and Julian O’Byrne
From "Love and Other Drugs" by Charles Randolph (screenplay) | Edward Zwick (screenplay) | Marshall Herskovitz (screenplay) | Jamie Reidy