Mia Zurovac

Stage and Film Production Manager
Class of 2022



Mia Zurovac is a Theatre Studies major concentrating in Film Production for her final year at Carnegie Mellon, School of Drama. Born and raised in New York City, Mia spends every summer visiting family in Serbia and has always been surrounded by theatre. She grew up performing in her local neighborhood theatre as a kid and went on to go to a performing arts school as well as finish various acting institutions such as Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler. Her love for performing quickly turned into a curiosity for the magic that happens behind the scenes. After switching high schools halfway through, Mia also switched interests. In her new high school, York Preparatory School, Mia discovered Stage Management and quickly became fascinated with the field. So much so, that she applied to CMU as a Design and Production major to later on declare Stage and Production Management in her sophomore year of college. In the fall of her junior semester, she took an Intro to Screenwriting class where she was introduced to the fundamentals of filmmaking and writing. This sparked a new passion for Mia which inspired her to write and direct her first piece called SCHEJ, a three episode mini web series that is being submitted to fall festivals. Over the summer going into her senior year, Mia decided to switch her major to Theatre Studies, where she is able to create a curriculum of classes that produces a film production track as well as a senior capstone project. In her free time, Mia enjoys spending time with her friends, writing, and brainstorming new concepts and ideas for films!