Nana Wise

Theater Studies
Class of 2024


Community is where my spirit feels at home. Akin is another calling: storytelling that wills social transformation. How we move now will affect the world our children’s children inherit, and we have the opportunity to grow into the sociality of our interbeing. We can breathe life into stories that uplift struggles for freedom of Revolutionaries past, and build on the foundation they laid. What if performance settings were blueprints for how we treat each other in a liberated next world? In what ways do audiences come to the theatre to be engaged? How many times do we break the fourth wall to engage “spect-actors” (Boal)? In times of crisis, harm, and division, where do we source and sustain our energy, our consciousness, our commitment to keeping each other safe and with a will to live on? We turn to one another. Affirming our shared aliveness through narrative can be a sacred act of resistance. The art I feel called to co-create functions as joyful disruption, subversions to convention, expressions of potent emotionality, and intentional place for praxis in LIBERATION!

Work Samples

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