Noah Pacht

Class of 2024


With sweat-stained armpits and oversized-khakis, an eight year old Noah Pacht discovered the thrill of performing — on the dance floor of his brother’s Bar Mitzvah in one of Houston, Texas’ hottest summers. A never ending love affair with hip-hop dance began, thrusting Noah onto the path of the artist, and he hasn’t looked back since. After competing at high levels in dance as a pre-teen, Noah began acting in high school.

With a thirst for sharp & witty humor, an adoration for movies & theatre, and a healthy obsession with his acting heroes, Noah wanted the most challenging training possible; Carnegie Mellon University. CMU’s training developed Noah’s confidence in the ability to overcome any artistic hurdle with perseverance and integrity. After freshman year, Noah booked a featured role in Billy Porter’s Amazon Prime film Anything’s Possible, and put technique into practice on a high-budget movie set. In college, Noah delved deeply into his love of improv and comedy, and wrote & directed a low-budget pilot episode for a sitcom that he and his classmates developed, a newfound passion that Noah intends on following in the next stage of his career.

Noah aims to uplift audiences with humor, honesty, and deep compassion. He is fueled by the mission of sending people home from the theatre feeling a bit more optimistic about the world & themselves. The goal: have fun, learn all he can, and make some friends along the way.

Production Photos

Film Work

Noah Pacht – "Already Home" by A Great Big World

Noah Pacht & Susana Cordón – "Santa Clarita Diet" by Victor Fresco

Noah Pacht & Kiara Lee – "Superstore" by Justin Spitzer

Noah Pacht & Simone Kiyoko De La Torre – "Taxi Driver" by Paul Schrader

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Onsite Coordinator / Camera Dep: Aimee Thomas

Production Designer / HMU (Hair and Makeup): Olivia Curry

Audio Dept / Grip / PA: Andrew Lee

Production Coordinator / Grip / PA: Katie Kirk

Grip / Electric / PA / Slate / Script Supervision: Travis Roy Rogers, Lukas Jarvi