Rebecca K Hodge

Class of 2021

My Bio:

Rebecca K. Hodge (she/her) is a theatre and film artist, a dramaturg, director, and writer who is in love with telling stories that help all to understand ourselves, others, and the world. She focuses on how she can question and explore what we take for granted in the modern everyday. The weird, otherworldly, and surreal become a way for Rebecca to explore identity – especially gender and sexuality. Her work is further defined by an ethos of care and awareness, specifically through the processes of understanding trauma and destigmatizing mental illness. She creates with curiosity and care for those who do not often see themselves reflected in the current theatrical and cinematic canons, the people whom society most often misunderstands.
Rebecca attended the Kennedy Center New Play Dramaturgy Intensive in 2019, and formerly contributed to the Theatrical Board as Acting Editor-in-Chief. Her play you’ll thank me for everything one day has been presented at CMU’s Playground XVI and at Bard College. She is a North Carolina native, currently based in Pittsburgh, PA.