Reece Grover

Class of 2023


Reece Grover developed his love for stage and film at a young age while growing up in Houston, Texas. At twelve, he began auditioning for plays and musicals at his school and local community theater. These productions were mostly quirky comedies that while fun to perform, never offered the challenge he was itching for. 

It was in high school that he felt his acting chops being tested, especially in the Texas UIL One Act Play competition (essentially March Madness for thespian teenagers in the Lone Star state). These shows would often lean into the emotionally or morally grotesque, providing Reece with the opportunity to bring life to these damaged characters, such as Coleman from Holy Ghosts: a recently orphaned cuckold seeking a divorce who finds himself lost in a group of Pentecostal Church snake-handlers. With these characters, he found purpose in focusing his craft on exploring the emotional life of those who are deeply complex.

While film was his first artistic love and the reason he began pursuing theater, studying drama at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama has been one of the most fruitful joys of Reece’s life. He carried the grotesque with him into his classes, where the faculty reminded him to investigate the other side of life. Where he brought intensity, they suggested a delicate approach. The constant back-and-forth allowed him to harvest a deeper appreciation for his job as an actor: one cannot have dark without the light. 

Reece is very excited to graduate and begin the post-collegiate search for work, whether it be stage or film.

Showcase Film Work

Reece Grover - "Rocket Man" by Steven Dietz

Reece Grover and Tessa Weinland - "Girls" by Lena Dunham

Classroom Film Work

Reece Grover and Andy Lebuhn

Showcase Video Production Team

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