Robert Scott Lewis

Class of 2022



Robb Scott Lewis (he/him) is a process-oriented artist with dramaturgical roots. As an interdisciplinary creative, he grounds all of his work in empathy and believes art is our omnipresent healer.

Robb is a curious mediator from the American midwest who seeks wisdom through experience. His life is one deeply committed to artistry and exploration, and in recent years he’s found himself farming in Italy, going to film school in Prague, and interning at Austin Film Festival. Robb has experience working as a dramaturg, writer, and director, and he is eager to work on the creative development of independent films. A quick-witted air sign, he is proud of his artistic malleability and collaborative presence, which translate into a love for adverse and explorative spaces.

His side interests include climbing, gardening, reading tarot, and looping techno. He is devoted to subversion and rebellion and enjoys the off-beat and the uncanny.