Sam Marzella

Class of 2023


Sam is from Orlando, Florida: within eyeshot of Cinderella’s Castle and earshot of the fireworks. Sam started performing at the ripe old age of 9 when sports became too pedestrian and competitive. He would later spend years of his life dedicated to “competitive” high school theatre in Florida State Thespian Conferences. After getting accepted into CMU, Sam played roles like the free-spirited, pompous Chaliapin in Dave Malloy’s Preludes and the dubious Judas in Godspell. Sam’s favorite hobby is learning as much as he can, for example, he has a life-long, frivolous, pursuit of circus talents such as balloon animal artistry, juggling, unicycling, and weight lifting. In his free time, he writes and reads evocative, silly, and romantic poetry. When he really has nothing to do, he guzzles thought provoking and informational media in all topics, but his favorites are mathematical theory, physics, and the infinite multiverse. Sam is passionate about the power of friendship, all things bizarre, and the annihilation of what’s “taboo.” He hopes to create too much art.

Showcase Film Work

Sam Marzella_– Theme from "Greatest American Hero" by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer

Sam Marzella and Jade Lourdes Langan – "That '70's Show" written by Jackie Filgo and Jeff Filgo

Classroom Film Work

Sam Marzella and Wesley Robert Mathews

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Additional Editors: Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli, Bahaar Esfahani

Camera Operators: Chris Jovanelli, Randy Kovitz. Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry

Sound Recording: Bahaar Esfahini, Pablo Antón, Jack Cherry, Chris Jovanelli

Music Director/Playback Operator: Rick Edinger

Post Production Sound Mixer (songs): Dino DiStefano

Production P.A./Slate: Isabella Campos