Sanghwa Shin

Scenic Designer
Class of 2021

My Bio:

Sanghwa Shin is a scenic designer and creative producer who works in theater. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Interior Architecture and is currently pursuing her MFA in scenic design at Carnegie Mellon University.

Sanghwa has experienced a broad range of theater careers since 2008, including a designer, scenic supervisor / director, prop master, and scenic painter. After she graduated from RISD, she soon moved to New York where she started working in theater as a scenic design assistant. Originally from South Korea, she started her career as a scenic designer at the Daegu Opera House (Daegu, South Korea).

When she designs any space, she considers herself an actress in it so that she can be sensitive to that place and design appropriately for certain people and events. This strategy enables her to become a scenic designer whose spaces respond to both performers and the audience. While successfully collaborating with other team members who make the productions possible, her work emphasizes narrative storytelling, and she tries to achieve how every single element creates an ideal balance in the theater.