Sharon Lovell

Dramatic Writer
Class of 2023



Screenwriter, Playwright, Poet, and Essayist:

I am a Caribbean-American writer who was born on the beautiful tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago.

I desire to write and read and pray and love. I desire to be a voice to the people who don’t have a voice or platform, or art to speak their truth. I make provocative art that disrupts and speaks to the heart.

I write in all genres, but I am drawn to historical drama and thrillers. I often write about the islands and their histories during the colonization period. I use these period pieces to create conversations that examine the present human condition. My favorite quote is by Lorraine Hansberry, “One cannot live with sighted eyes and feeling heart and not react to the miseries which afflict this world.” This quote speaks to the heart of my work as a writer. I write to bring awareness to social and political issues that affect Black people because I believe that anything that affects one of us, affects us all. I have been told that my writings are evocative, compelling, triggering, and can be uncomfortable. My guess is my work touches on the truth within our society and human behaviors. I am here to tell the truth as I see it.

I believe the art forms should not only be used for entertainment, a quick laugh, or an escape from reality, but should also be used as a tool to address difficult subject matters and situations; to create a space for conversations, exploration if you may, an assessing and reassessing of social norms, conditions, political structures, and ingrained systemic beliefs, so we can root out any form of oppression, and leave the world a better place for the next generations.