Sierra Young

Scenic Designer
Class of 2023


Sierra Young is a California-born artist and photographer currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. Since she was a child, her mind has been filled with visions of spaces and intricate worlds. In high school, she found the world of theatrical design, and finally felt she had a place to channel her energy and create. As an adult, she has fallen in love with a number of mediums, most namely film, photography, and theatre. Currently, she lives in Pittsburgh attending Carnegie Mellon and pursuing a BFA in Scenic Design. During her time at school she has discovered a passion for analog photography and darkroom practices, which has given her an appreciation for the way existing spaces carry history, and can be as meaningful as spaces constructed for the stage. She is now pursuing a minor in film photography. She genuinely loves the act of working, exploring the boroughs of Pittsburgh and California as a set dresser, art director, driver PA, scenic and production designer, traditional Indian wedding decorator, baker, barista, media designer, professional mover, stagehand, carpenter. You name it, she does/ would love to do it! 

Sierra lives by the adage that if her eyes were a camera lens, she would want the movie of her life to be as lovely as life makes her feel; and lives in the pursuit of experience and connection. And she would love to connect with you! Check out her website and Instagram to explore the work she’s made thus far on the journey!