Simone Kiyoko De La Torre

Class of 2024


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Simone grew up in a micro downtown apartment with her single mother and sister. Her favorite childhood expression of “why” lead her to develop a deep admiration for the vast ocean, where she spent just about every free hour by the sea, fishing, snorkeling, and soaking up just about every species and tide there was to discover.

Later on this curiosity led Simone to spend four years at New World School of the Arts where she sparked a new love: diving into new and old texts, directing, and acting, and performing in bilingual productions across south florida. After years of planning to go into marine biology, Simone chased after the schools that would force her to keep asking ‘why’- bringing her to CMU.

During her time here, Simone has been able to expand her love and knowledge for her craft by leading the role of MARCIA in your boyfriend may be imaginary  and playing the cut dry, gleeful manipulator, DANI, in Babel. Alongside acting, she has taken advantage of the electives at CMU, with two years of mandarin under her belt. 

Outside of theatre, Simone has a passion for crafting for others: whether it be a love note, crocheted bunny hat, or home-cooked meal. Much like acting, it is the joy of sharing something she creates that keeps her moving. 

Production Photos

Film Work

Simone Kiyoko De La Torre – "RAGE AMONGST YOURSELVES" by Amy Beth Arkawy

Simone Kiyoko De La Torre & Trey Caperton – "Indian Summer" by Gregory S. Moss

Simone Kiyoko De La Torre & Noah Pacht - "Taxi Driver" by Paul Schrader

Showcase Video Production Team

Producer/Director/Editor: Randy Kovitz

Onsite Coordinator / Camera Dep: Aimee Thomas

Production Designer / HMU (Hair and Makeup): Olivia Curry

Audio Dept / Grip / PA: Andrew Lee

Production Coordinator / Grip / PA: Katie Kirk

Grip / Electric / PA / Slate / Script Supervision: Travis Roy Rogers, Lukas Jarvi