Sophia Power

Class of 2023


Growing up in Seattle, WA for Sophia was rain, lakes, dogs and passive aggressive drivers. It was competitive swimming, martial arts and Sunday lunches at her grandmother’s. But the real driving force for Sophia was the new projects she’d come up with; whether it was grocery-bag parachutes for clay people or teaching herself lefty guitar despite being right-handed. She always led with curiosity and the genuine desire for connection which ultimately led her to acting, singing and dancing. 

Sophia was thrilled to get into Carnegie Mellon University’s BFA Acting program where she has deepened her relationship to the arts. Roles that aided that included Athena, a tough fencer with a complex emotional life in Gracie Gardner’s Athena and the laid back yet fierce Asha in Dominique Morriseau’s Blood at the Root. Sophia also recently starred in the short film Cold & Sara that premiered at Slamdance Film Festival. Other than theater and film, Sophia loves adventuring through sports/activities, cooking and conversation. Favorite recent firsts include skiing, chives, and hostel hopping throughout the UK and Europe during her fall term abroad at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. 

Sophia seeks to continue to expand her craft and personal capacity for storytelling not only in America but throughout the globe. She hopes to do this through the constant unveiling of truth and humanity. She has an immense amount of gratitude for all of the people, stories and lessons that lead her to where she is and she can’t wait for the journey to continue.

Sophia Power and Gerardo Navarro – "Normal People" by Sally Rooney and Alice Birch

Sophia Power and Betsy Scott – “The Black Abyss" by Joseph Arnone

Sophia Power - "Wet House" by Paddy Campbell

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