Wesley Robert Mathews

Class of 2023


Wesley Robert Mathews was born and raised in Orange County, California. He was fortunate to have been brought up by very active and involved parents, who constantly surrounded him with various types of art, athletics, family, and community. Wesley was born with an explosive imagination, and found a major outlet for his creativity at the age of four, when he first experienced theatre in his community. He absolutely fell in love with performing on stage, while also finding plenty of time to perform stunts on his bike with the neighborhood kids (he fell a lot). 

Wesley’s real-world education of the entertainment industry began early, as he signed with Osbrink Talent Agency at eight years old. From there, he gained experience auditioning for film, television, commercial, and print. His commitment to real-world auditions paused when his commitment to college auditions began, and he graduated high school a semester early in order to feel confident auditioning for his dream school…Carnegie Mellon.   

At CMU, Wesley was given the opportunity to explore a wide-range of characters. From the deeply conflicted “Judas” in Judas Iscariot, to the cringey “John Hinckly Jr.” in Assassins, all the way to the loveable, “Sylvius” in As You Like It. Wesley hopes to continue to stretch himself in a wide variety of characters throughout his career. Though, his purest mission in life is to be an example of kindness, positivity, and resilience to people of all different walks of life, and to inspire people to follow their dreams the same way his favorite artists inspired him. 

Showcase Film Work

Wesley Robert Mathews – "If I Knew" by Bruno Mars

Wesley Robert Mathews and Lucy Hall – "Don Jon" by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Classroom Film Work

Wesley Robert Mathews and Sam Marzella