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Stage & Production Management

The Stage and Production Management Program offers specialized undergraduate training in both areas. We believe a broad education and training in the facilitation of the arts is crucial in today’s professional environment.

Today’s professional theater environment requires a comprehensive grasp of all modern management and technological tools available to those working in the arts.

An advanced understanding of resource management, communication and facilitation of every aspect of the creative process is an integral part of PTM training, both in the classroom and in hands-on production experiences.


Our curriculum joins comprehensive classroom training with a rigorous series of production assignments designed to deepen learning. Communication, collaboration and time and resource management are an integral part of the program. This intensive undergraduate conservatory curriculum is designed to synthesize academic development and production experience with increased levels of learning as a student progresses.

In the first three semesters, students develop communication, problem solving and collaboration skills. Students declare a specific discipline of study after their third semester in the program. These foundational semesters are of particular value to students entering the Management area as they foster knowledge and collaboration with everyone on the production team.


Students in the Stage and Production Management Program are assigned production responsibilities designed to develop their skills and build their leadership, management, and collaborative expertise. Students begin as assistants and progress to larger assignments on a wide variety of shows.

Production opportunities, both on-campus and in the Pittsburgh community, include theater, dance, opera and events. Particular emphasis is given to building productive and collaborative teams on each project. Students may be involved in several productions concurrently, as this kind of challenge builds experience that mirrors the professional world.

Each production opportunity is chosen based on a student’s abilities and vocational aspirations. Faculty advisors support and monitor each student’s progress throughout the course of the program.

Unique Platforms

All School of Drama students have to opportunities to participate in the following:

Dance/Light is a performance opportunity for students across all disciplines to collaborate in the creation of original dance and movement pieces.

A Festival of Independent Student Work: Playground is the annual School of Drama, three-day performance festival showcasing independent, student-produced work across multiple disciplines.

The Visiting Artists Program brings distinguished national and international guests to campus to work with students across all disciplines.

The School of Drama Showcase presentations in New York and Los Angeles are designed to give all graduating students from all disciplines the opportunity to meet with and present work to leading arts and entertainment professionals. When conditions warrant, this Showcase may be augmented by virtual online networking events.

Students in the Stage and Production Management Program are assigned production responsibilities designed to develop their skills and build their leadership, management, and collaborative expertise.


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Your Future

Graduates of the Production Technology and Management Option (PTM) are sought after as leaders in their disciplines across all areas of the performing arts.

In-depth study and practice of industry standards and union guidelines enable graduates to transition seamlessly into the professional world. The School of Drama’s Visiting Artist Program provides students with an in-depth understanding of professional practice through classes, workshops and productions with leading industry professionals.

Recent graduates have found employment with Tait Towers and Chicago Scenic Studios, On- and Off-Broadway, with Cirque Du Soleil, with regional theaters and opera companies across the country, and in many facets of the television and film industry.

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